Ralli Museum Marbella

 The Harry Recanati Foundation is a private non-profit institution whose main aim is to acquaint the public with the quality of contemporary Latin American art.

The first Ralli Museum was founded in Punta del Este (Uruguay) in 1988; the second museum in Santiago (Chile) in 1992; the third one (Ralli 1) in Caesarea (Israel) in 1993; the fourth museum in Marbella (Spain) in 2000; and the fifth museum (Ralli 2) in Caesarea in 2007. 

The Ralli Museums house one of the most important collections of contemporary Latin American art in the world. No donations or subsidies from public or private entities are accepted, and entrance is free of charge.

The Ralli Museum of Marbella opened in the year 2000 and is located at the heart of the Costa del Sol, in the beautiful avenue connecting Marbella and Puerto Banús. The building that houses it was completely renovated to be made into a museum.

The museum features 10 spacious showrooms where you will discover a large collection of works by contemporary artists from almost all Latin American countries, whose painting reflects a strong influence of the great European painters. You can also admire works by great European masters among which are Dali and Miro. Our collection of life-size sculptures includes pieces by Mexican artists like Mario Aguirre and Gerardo Quiroz, as well as the Spanish Eduardo Soriano.

The exhibited works are for the most part of surreal style, although not excluded are samples from other artistic currents. The choice of works has been guided by the artistic quality of the works themselves, regardless of the fame of the authors or their market value.

The museum aims at providing enjoyment for the visitor, and therefore visitors can enjoy the exhibits with absolute freedom and privacy, so as to form their own impressions.

Horario/Timetable: abierto de martes a sábados  (domingos, lunes y festivos cerrado)/ Open from Tuesday to Saturday (sundays, mondays and holidays closed)

Sólo mañanas/ only mornings: 10.00-15.00 hrs.


Cerrado del 22 diciembre al 6 de enero, ambos inclusive/ Closed from 22nd December to 6th  January


Entrada gratuita/ free entrance

36.498036, -4.940979

Urb. Coral Beach , N-340, km 176, Marbella.