Cortijo Miraflores Museum

Going up calle Ancha (Broad Street)-right into the Miraflores district –we find a large house which, in the old days, was a sugar cane mill and an animal traction oil mill, to whish many collectors of the area came.

Its origin is dated 1704, when it was built up by D. Tomás Francisco Domínguez, as testified by the two coat of arms on the balcony crowing the entrance.

In 1756 the front part garden is designed although the exotic species were planted in 1850, brought by D. Tomás Domínguez Artola, Philippies` Quatermaster General. The specimen of Cycas Revoluta (Sagú`s palm tree, a species originated in the Mesozoic era, for over 150 mullions years are worth mentioning.

The mill worked most of the 19th century. Today it is a museum and preserves numerous mill machines and tools of its old function in a very well condition. Likewise it has several rooms for temporary exhibitions, an image library and a local art gallery.

Behind the building, rests of ovens and of a rock hermitage dated between the 8th and 10th centuries were discovered.


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