San Juan de Dios or Misericordia Chapel

Currently known as the “Hospitalillo” it was built by order of the Catholic Monarchs, due to which it held the title of “Royal Hospital of Mercy”. The so-called Royal Mercy, thereafter San Juan de Dios (Saint John of God) was alone in its purpose of providing hospital assistance in Marbella until the creation of the Bazán Hospital.

In the XIX century and at the beginning of the XX century it also served as a home for foundlings.

In the interior of the Chapel, we can see a coffered ceiling which, until the middle of this century, remained hidden. It has one sole nave with wood framework in three panels, reinforced by double beams which are not geometrically decorated, but decorated with Eucharistic symbols such as the Chalice. These elements reflect an erosion of the mudejar tradition and, therefore, might have been added after the construction of the Hospital.

The High Altar, preceded by a semicircular triumphal arch, is covered by semi-spherical vault on pendentives. In the Chapel, to the left we see fragments of some frescos discovered during a recent reformation.

Despite being mere fragments they give us a very rough idea of the polychrome decoration with which temples in the area were adorned, in contrast to the habitual decoration of the Castilla of the day.

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Calle San Juan de Dios, Marbella
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