Santiago Hermitage

The Santiago Hermitage is the oldest Christian parish church in Marbella. It was a mosque, consecrated after the Reconquest.

In 1505 the Archbishop of Sevilla denominated it a Parish and it retained that status until approximately XVII C. when it acquired the category of hermitage.

It is a simple construction, with one sole nave, and a rectangular floor (8 x 16 metres).

The interior has a level ceiling and the exterior a gable roof. On the exterior a small belfry is worthy of note. In the side of the temple which faces Plaza de los Naranjos, a vaulted niche has a contemporary sculpture of Saint James the Apostle.

The “Brotherhood of the Christ of Love” has its head office in this hermitage of San Jacobo as synonym for Santiago.


36.509995, -4.885108

Plaza de los Naranjos, Marbella
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