During the first few years of the Reconquest, the main concern was to reinforce the security measures of the town (reform the castle, increasing the provision of soldiers and the wall which surrounded the town) due to the danger still presented by the uprising of the moors.

This is the reason why, until half a century after the taking of the town, the Consistorial House was not built.

In 1572 work was completed on the Town Hall building under mandate of the Chief Magistrate, Don Juan de Pisa Osorio.

It was built on two floors. On the top floor was the Chapter House (currently the Committee Room) and on the ground floor the Courtroom.

The structure of the building was extended over time, with two main bodies of building being added: the first extension took place during the XVII century and the second in the XVIII century. The first of these modifications can be seen on the section of the façade that contains a balcony wrought in iron in 1632 and the second extension is from 1779, as attested to by the commemorative plaque on the façade, located next to the tourism office.

On the façade of the Town Hall, next to Panadería Street, we find various commemorative plaques and a sundial.

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