Paseo de La Alameda

Marbella’s Alameda represents a vital element in its history, a high-identity place, one of reference because it was the recreation and meeting spot of the City’s inhabitants.

The first existing data on the opening of the park date back to the 18th century. In a document dated 1761 the existence is noted of a promenade where planted black poplars were watered through small moats providing abundant water, complemented a year later with a fountain at one of its extremes.

A century later, in 1868, this Marbella park experienced a major and timely transformation thanks to the sale of some City plots to the English mining company "Marbella Iron Ore".

Nowadays its oldest feature is the fountain located in the eastern section of the park, built in 1762, known by the people of Marbella as “La Pila”. Within the area’s lush greenery centuries-old Araucarias (monkey-puzzle trees) and Buttonwood trees are found, both species planted last century, between 1910 and 1920.


36.50873, -4.885886

Delegación de Parques y Jardines: Edificio Cantarrana. Avda. del Mercado, 10 - Marbella