Nagüeles - Buenavista - Los Monjes


To get to the start of this trail, you must take Cánovas del Castillo avenue and when you come to Pinar de Vigil de Quinones go up Del Pinar street. After going under the motorway, carry straight on until coming to a large roundabout.

At this roundabout, take the second exit and continue straight on along avenida de Buchinger until coming to another roundabout. There you must take the third exit and continue straight on until coming to Nagüeles Park on the left.

At this point you must leave the road that surrounds the park and follow a smaller road which leaves the pine forest to the right. Just 100 metres away there is one the 4 panels indicating the start of a trail (37), which are located throughout the entire southern face of the Sierra Blanca. This panel indicates the trail to the right, heading towards Buenavista Mine (36).


The trail begins on this main path which ascends through the pine forest and leaves the other tracks to the left and right. When this track begins to descend, to the right begins the path that goes up parallel to Arroyo de las Piedras and which gradually enters Cañada de las Encinas.

Half way up is a signpost (35), from here you can go up to the Buenavista Mine (29) which is some 800 metres away or continue on towards Los Monjes following the path that branches out to the right and then goes down to cross the Arroyo de las Piedras.

Crossing the stream, the path continues until reaching a track where you must turn left to go up to 
Puerto de los Pilones. Here there is a colony of bee hives, so make sure you don’t get close to the bees. Go down to Cañada de los Pilones to subsequently walk up to Puerto de los Mochileros.

From the Puerto (mountain pass) there is a quick descent to Cañada de la Rana (34) where you will find another signpost. Continue straight along Cañada de la Janta until you get to Puerto de Camoján, from where you can enjoy some magnificent views of a large part of the coast. From here the path goes down to Ermita de los Monjes (11).

At the Ermita (chapel) ruins, there is another signpost which indicates Marbella to the south. Continue going down and at the end of the first descent you will see an impressive looking Aleppo pine. The path continues a slight descent, criss-crossing the stream, at these points you must pay attention as it is easy to get lost.

You then come to a clearing where the path closely follows the stream and there you will find another signpost (10) telling us to continue our descent to Marbella. The path continues and after passing a small pine forest we come to two paths, one that goes up and the other that remains close to the stream, although both paths subsequently come back together a little further down. If opting for the path by the stream you can visit some pools in which it is possible to bathe if the weather permits. Once passed the pools, continue along the path closest to the stream until you go through a narrow passage where you leave the stream and take a road to the left that ends at the Xarblanca School. As soon as you cross the stream you will get to La Fabriquilla (9) where you will find another of the 4 panels indicating the start of a trail, and which are located throughout the entire southern face of the Sierra Blanca.


Difficulty: Low
Type: Linear
Length: 6 Km. (one way )
Time: 2:00 Hrs (one way)


36.510071, -4.8824474

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