Ruta de los Tres Valles


All these trails begin in the area known as Puerto Rico Bajo (2). To get there one must go to the new cemetery that lies at the start of the Ojen road (A-355). From the A-7, take the exit by the La Cañada shopping centre.
When at the door of the cemetery, take the road going down and leave the cemetery to your right. Continue on until reaching Carril de la Via (1) where there is the Cascada de Puente Palos car park and a road to the right. On this road to the right is one of four panels indicating the start of a trail, which are located throughout the entire southern face of the Sierra Blanca. To get to the Puerto Rico Bajo car park (2) continue 500 metres along this road.


This trail coincides with the ascent to Juanar until arriving at the crossroads that lead to either Casa del Guarda or Casa del Pino (6). You must take the path to the left and go down to Arroyo de la Barbacana. Once you have crossed the stream there is a sharp incline up to the ruins of Casa del Guarda (17).

Some 150 metres past Casa del Guarda the path forks into two, in the area known as Arenal de la Casa del Guarda (16). Here there is a signpost, where you must continue to the left towards Calaña.

In this section, the path moves down to Cañada de la Laja to then go up to Puerto de la Adelfilla, and from there, again descend to Arroyo de las Carihuelas, where you must take a left turn.

The path continues descending along Arroyo de las Carihuelas until it joins Arroyo Calaña (14). At this point there is a signpost and from here you can go up to the Calaña spring (15) which normally has water until the beginning of summer.

Continue going down towards Marbella for some 500m following this stream until you come to Vereda de los Cazadores on the left. At this point you must be careful not to continue following the stream. Once you have left the stream you must continue on until reaching the next signpost (13) at which point you must turn right, towards Los Monjes. Half way down, there is another crossroads where you must turn right and continue descending towards the ruins of Ermita de Los Monjes (11).

At the Ermita ruins there is another signpost indicating Marbella to the south. Continue descending and at the end of the first incline you will see an impressively large Aleppo pine tree. The path continues in slight descent, crossing the stream a number of times, and where you need to cross it you must be careful as it is easy to get lost.

You now come to a clearing where the path stays close to the stream and where there is another signpost (10) indicating the ascent to Puerto Juan Ruiz to the left (22). Here there is a further signpost indicating the descending path towards Finca de Capellanía (21). Once on the plain, you must turn left along the path that goes up to Montúa (30) and from there go down to the Puerto Rico Bajo car park where the trail ends (2).

Difficulty: High
Type: Linear
Lenght: 8,5 Km. (one way)
Time: 4 h. (one way)

36.510071, -4.8824474

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