Senda de los Monjes - Los Monjes Path


To get to the start of this path you must go to the Xarblanca School. In the northern area of Marbella, find the bus station on Avenida del Trapiche. On the roundabout at the entrance and exit to the A7 located next to the bus station you must take the exit heading north, directly to Sierra Blanca. At the following roundabout take the third exit and continue straight along the main street until coming to a one way street marked with a no entry sign directly ahead, which is next to the Xarblanca School. If going by car it is advisable to park and continue on foot down the one way street until reaching a road that branches out to the left and is cut off by cement blocks to prevent the passage of vehicles.

At the end of this small incline is La Fabriquilla (9) where you will find one the 4 panels indicating the start of a trail, which are located throughout the entire southern face of the Sierra Blanca.


To get started on the path that ascends to the north you must cross the Calaña stream and turn right until you come to a wall that appears to block the track. Go round this wall to the right and a few metres ahead the path reappears and is well marked out.

On this first stretch we will find two paths, one that goes up the side of the mountain and the other that runs parallel to the stream, both of them come together a little further on. If you choose to go down the stream, you can visit some pools in which to bathe, weather permitting.

After leaving behind a flat clearing with a small pine forest, continue to the left until coming to a signpost (10) which indicates you must continue parallel to the stream, direction Los Monjes.

This section of the path continues gradually ascending and requires you to cross the stream several times, where you will need to pay attention as it is easy to get lost.

On the final ascent prior to reaching the ruins of Ermita de los Monjes, to the left you can see a truly impressive Aleppo Pine. At the top of the little ascent, you come to a small clearing where you will find the ruins of Ermita de los Monjes (11 – the Monk’s Chapel).

Once you reach here, you can lengthen the walk if you have the energy, or you can return on the same path to La Fabriquilla.



36.528525, -4.899072

2 Km. (Ida)