19 August 19

Venus of Marbella to get new eye-catching home off the paseo


Now the Coasts authority has said yes, the council needs to wait for the regional ministry for the Environment's approval for the move, which is expected shortly.

16 August 19

San Pedro is to put on a show on six evenings over the…

02 August 19

Marbella council initiates clamp down on use of electric…

19 July 19

Works start on Marbella old town parish church

21 June 19

Swazi royals pay visit to Marbella's most luxurious…

27 March 15

City Council gives the green light to the creation of the Marbella…

27 March 15

Town Hall announces the "economic recovery of the City"…

27 March 15

The Mayor highlights the new public facilities at Francisco Norte…

27 March 15

The beaches of Marbella will receive an addition of 70,000 cubic…

27 March 15

An app for mobile phones covering Marbella’s Holy Week is presented

13 February 15

Marbella Now (#16)

13 February 15

The Town Council will complete the first 30 projects of the…

13 February 15

The Town Council will issue the Junta de Andalucia with the…