European Union - Swiss Confederation Treaty

European Union - Swiss Confederation Treaty


Your rights: 
Beneficiaries of the EU regime have the right to enter, exit, circulate and reside freely within Spanish territory, as well as have access to any economic activity, on either a self-employed or employee basis, provide services or studies, under the same conditions as the Spanish.

Must I complete any formalities in order to enter Spain and to remain for a short stay, for example, if I come as a tourist? 
To enter Spain, as well as to remain on Spanish territory for a period of under three months, you need only bring your passport or, where applicable, valid identity document, indicating your nationality. You may also use the queues or lines indicated for citizens of European Union member states.

Must I follow any specific procedure in order to reside in Spain for a period of over three months? 
Within three months from your entry date into Spain, you must personally present yourself at the Foreigners Office (National, not municipal or, failing this, the corresponding Police Station) of the province in which you intend to remain or establish your residence, and request inscription on the Central Register of Foreigners National Police Station of Marbella -

  • Foreigners Department, 
    Tel: 952 76 26 63
    Avenida Luque de Lerma, Edificio España Local 2 , Marbella, official model EX18, published at  web site

attaching your Passport or valid Identity Document (if said document were to have expired, you must provide a copy of same together with your renewal application) 

With your application presented, and prior to paying the corresponding rates, you will be given a certificate of registration which will include your name, nationality, address, date of registration and Foreigner Identity Number (NIE).

Can I reside in Spain without working? 
Not working is not in itself an impediment to your residence in Spain.

Do I need to undertake any other administrative procedure in order to work in Spain? 
No. You need only have applied for inscription on the Central Register of Foreigners in the event that your stay in Spain were to exceed three months, obtaining the corresponding registration certificate. 
In relation to everything else, to undertaking economic activities on a self-employed or employee basis, the provision of services or undertaking studies, you will be subject to the pertinent legislation currently in force in Spain, under an equality of conditions with Spanish citizens (without prejudice to article 39.4 of the functional Treaty of the European Community in relation to access to employment in Public Administration).

When do I have the right to reside permanently in Spain? 
You will have the right to permanent residency in Spain when you have legally resided for a continuous period of 5 years on Spanish territory, circumstance which must be verified by the competent authorities. 
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Registration and Residency