The register and the electoral roll

The Municipal Register is the guideline used to draw up the Electoral Roll.

Local Councils send a monthly list of the changes occurring over the previous month to the corresponding Provincial Delegation of the Electoral Census Office for the purpose of updating the Electoral Roll. Such changes include new listings and removals of listings of adult residents with respect to the last day of the previous month as well as changes of address and other modifications regarding data included in the Electoral Roll.

For Spanish citizens with the right to vote, being listed in the Municipal Register implies inclusion in the Electoral Roll, provided that they have not been deprived of the right of suffrage for any of the reasons described in the next section of this guide.

By contrast, nationals of other EU Member States must declare their wish to exercise the right of active suffrage in Spain in municipal elections and elections to the European Parliament, citing the local body or Member State voting district where they were last registered in the electoral roll.

This declaration is made by completing the form CERE.DFA-1 in the Local Council where they are registered. This declaration is made only once and does not need to be repeated for each electoral process. So if a European resident has previously declared their intention to vote in municipal elections in Spain, they remain on the Electoral Roll while living in Spain until they formally request otherwise. If local authorities notice that the European citizen is living abroad, they will cease him/her at the Register (Padrón Municipal), as well as at the electoral roll (Censo Electoral). In this case, the citizen may need to request to be included again, by proving that s/he meets all legal requirements.

Registration and Residency