Residence permits in Spain

Under what circumstances can a foreigner be in Spain? 
Foreigners can be in Spain under a variety of circumstances. They may be here under a visitor’s permit and under a temporary or permanent resident’s permit.

a) As a visitor: this is when a foreigner remains on Spanish territory for a period of time not to exceed ninety days. Visas. 
b) As a resident: residents are foreigners who are in Spain and possess authorisation to reside here.

They may be: 
Temporary, when the authorisation to remain in Spain is for a period of over 90 days but under five years. 
Permanent, which authorises indefinite residence in Spain and the opportunity to work under an equality of conditions with the Spanish population. 
Foreigners who have resided here with a temporary residence permit for five continuous years will be entitled to permanent residency. 

Temporary residence
A foreigner is in a situation of temporary residence when he/she is authorised to remain in Spain for a period in excess of ninety days but less than five years, without prejudice to what has been established in relation to length of stay for studies, mobility of students, non-occupational practices or volunteer services. 

  • Non-lucrative temporary residence
  • Temporary residence for family reunification
  • Temporary residence without authorisation to work
  • Temporary residence for exceptional circumstances

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