What are the benefits?

The condition of Resident bestows on the citizen a series of rights in their relations with their Local Council and generally in social participation and in public affairs.

The most important of these rights are:

  • The right to vote and be voted for in municipal elections as set out in electoral legislation.
  • The right to participate in municipal management as set out in the laws and when voluntary collaboration is requested by government bodies or the Municipal Administration.
  • The right to use municipal public services.
  • The right to contribute legally established financial and personal support to the exercise of municipal powers and responsibilities.
  • The right to be informed, following reasonable requests, and to direct applications to the Municipal Administration in relation to all municipal files and documentation.
  • The right to request a referendum under the terms set out in the Law.
  • The right to demand the provision and, where appropriate, the setting up of public services, provided that these are mandatory services that fall within the municipal powers.
  • The right to take part in a referendum under the terms set out in the Constitution.
  • Other rights and obligations established by the laws.

In relation to the activities of the Local Council, residents enjoy the full right of access to information in various spheres of municipal action such as approving the Budget, town planning, approving local ordinances and regulations of the Local Corporation and the content of the agreements adopted by the Municipal Council meetings.

These rights of information and participation in Council decision-making and actions can be exercised individually by each resident or jointly through the Residents’ Association.

Registration and Residency