Driving in Spain

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Driving in Spain

Road safety and general administrative procedures for vehicles, vehicle use and monitoring comes under the responsibility of various authorities, including local councils and state administration, through the traffic directorate general [Dirección General de Tráfico or DGT]. The autonomous communities are also responsible for matters such as vehicle technical inspection(ITV).

In all cases, to drive a vehicle in Spain you need to obtain the appropriate administrative paperwork (permits and licences) authorising you to drive a particular type of vehicle for a certain length of time.

When that period expires, you will need to renew your documentation.

Jefatura Provincial de Tráfico de Málaga

Address: C/ Max Estrella, 12
City: Málaga
Postal Code: 29071
Tel:  +34 952 040 770 - From Spain General Info: 060
Fax: +34 952 041 630
Web: www.dgt…

Spanish authorities are very concerned about road safety, so failure to comply with the law may even carry a prison sentence for offences such as drunk driving or causing injury to others.

Certain offences incur a financial penalty, meaning that…

In order to identify and track vehicles on Spain's roads, every vehicle normally driven in Spain must have a Spanish registration plate. it is the owner’s responsibility to start the procedure for obtaining a Spanish registration number.

To register…

The basic documentation that you should have with you while driving,…

Spain introduced the driving licence points system (the so-called carnet por puntos) .

Every driver starts out with a fixed balance of points (normally 12 and 8 for novice drivers). Each time a driving offence is committed, in addition to a…

Spain has agreements with a large number of countries, so by fulfilling a series of requirements and completing certain paperwork, you can hand over your foreign licence and get a Spanish one.

Each agreement sets out the requirements for that…

In Spain, as in other countries, there are various types of driving licence depending on what kind of vehicle you want to drive (motorbike, private car, truck, and so on). Sometimes, you need to hold one class of licence already in order to obtain another…