Registration and residency

Registro y Residencia || Registration and Residency
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Registration and Residency

The municipal register or padrón contains the number of inhabitants of a municipality and is of great importance as the number of people registered affects the economic contribution that a city recieves from the central goverment.

The higher the number of registered residents, the higher the amount of funds a Town Hall recieves in order to provide facilities and services.

A residency regulates legal length of stay on Spanish territory through the Ministry of the Interior, either through visas, temporary or permanent residence permits. It falls under the competence of the Central Government (national ambit).

  • All Spanish residents must be listed in the Register of the municipality where they habitually reside.
  • Apart from being a legal requirement, registration is highly advisable and both important and useful for the citizen.
  • Registration…

The condition of Resident bestows on the citizen a series of rights in their relations with their Local Council and generally in social participation and in public affairs.

The most important of these rights are:

  • The right…

Citizens should register in the municipality where they habitually reside. Citizens with more than one home in Spain, should register in the municipality where they spend the most time during the year.

The Municipal Register is the guideline used to draw up the Electoral Roll.

Local Councils send a monthly list of the changes occurring over the previous month to the corresponding Provincial…

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