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EU countries have signed fiscal agreements especially aimed at avoiding double taxation. These agreements enable the determination of a person’s residence for tax purposes when the legislation of the emigrant’s origin and destination country mean that the individual in question is considered as resident in both countries.

As a “tax resident” in an EU country, a person’s entire income (universal income) must be taxed in that country, when the income can be considered as taxable in the other country as well.


Are you buying a Property in Spain?

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Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles (Property Tax)

This tax is levied on the ownership of properties, either rustic or urban. It is calculated on the cadastral value of the property (value of the land and the buildings) and it is payable by the…

Impuesto sobre el Patrimonio (Capital Levy) 

A personal and periodic tax levied on an individual’s net capital. The tax event consists of the ownership of economic goods and rights (thus excluding personal or family rights); charges and levies…

Impuesto sobre la Renta de las Personas Físicas (Personal Income Tax)

Personal income tax is a direct, personal, subjective tax, levied on the total amount of an individual’s net income and capital gains. This tax is applied to the tax-payer’s…

The State controls the management, payment, collection, inspection and revision of the following taxes:
-> Personal Income Tax: partially granted to Autonomous Regions; Company Tax; Value Added Tax (IVA); special taxes.
The following taxes…

All taxes levied on the circulation or transfer of wealth and the different modes of consumption or spent income. For example: VAT, Wealth Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty and special taxes.

Levied on assets or income obtained. This category includes: Personal Income Tax, Company Tax, Gift Tax and Capital Levies.

Ordinance regulating the granting of a subsidy for the payment of the tax liabilities on urban properties to tax payers registered as residents in the municipality of Marbella

Statement of Racionale

Marbella, like other municipalities in…