19 August 19

Venus of Marbella to get new eye-catching home off the paseo


Now the Coasts authority has said yes, the council needs to wait for the regional ministry for the Environment's approval for the move, which is expected shortly.

16 August 19

San Pedro is to put on a show on six evenings over the…

02 August 19

Marbella council initiates clamp down on use of electric…

19 July 19

Works start on Marbella old town parish church

21 June 19

Swazi royals pay visit to Marbella's most luxurious…

13 February 15

The Town Council grants space to the Chamber of Commerce of Malaga…

13 February 15

The Town Council together with CaixaBank and CIT drives actions to…

13 February 15

The Town Council commits to renovation of Antonio Banderas square in…

13 February 15

The Town Council incorporates four vehicles to the Green Patrol to…

13 February 15

Another wooden bridge crosses Arroyo Segundo to provide continuity to…

13 February 15

Marbella exploits is potential as a setting for adverts

13 February 15

The Town Council announces a plan to modernize the Local Police with…

20 January 15

Evaluation of tourist visits in 2014