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Exhibition: “Destino Argentina. Borges y Chale, mujeres artistas en la vanguardia”

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  • Date Saturday, 14 May 2022
  • Until Saturday, 24 September 2022
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    From 14 May 2022

    The exhibition Destination Argentina. Borges and Chale, female artists in the avant-garde brings together the artists Norah Borges and Gertrudis Chale. In their work we can see two models of avant-garde art in mid-20th-century Argentina.

    Here are two female artists whose restlessness and travels marked their artistic career, while having an impact on the avant-garde scene in the different countries where they settled.

    We can see Norah Borges, a painter of Ultraism, beauty and modernity, in Argentine and Spanish art alike, forming an active part of the avant-garde movements on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Gertrudis Chale paints the periphery, the indigenous, the displaced; Viennese in origin, she is welcomed as a painter from the Andean world and Argentine indigenous society.

    Many things unite Gertrudis Chale and Norah Borges, in spite of the visible differences in terms of these artists’ plastic art and the themes painted by them. Their European training, their time spent in the Balearic Islands and the mark their inhabitants and landscapes left on them both, their constant travelling and desire for knowledge, their synthetic language, their links with literature and, of course, their importance in Argentine avant-garde art.

    The exhibition consists of a total of 23 works based on both artists’ encounter with Argentina. In it, we will travel through what they share, discovering the unique side of these two artists in each of these common points in order to reflect upon and do justice to the role they occupied within Latin American and international contemporary art.

  • Location Museo Ralli Marbella
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