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Smart tourist destination

Marbella Destino Turístico Inteligente

The success and leadership of a tourist destination is shown in its overall capacity to transform and evolve, in such a way that it manages to respond to the needs and expectations of its visitors and, insofar as possible, future-proof by ensuring a clear vision of the responsibility entailed in the long-term sustainability of the destination and a good relationship between tourism activities and residents.

Marbella is clearly committed to this path and in 2014 it embarked on its journey towards modernization as one of the group of Spanish tourist destinations to sign up to the Smart Tourist Destinations Network (DTI Network ) at the outset, and with certification as an Intelligent Tourist Destination from Segittur .

This process was carried out within the National and Comprehensive Tourism Plan (PNIT) of the Spanish Government's State Secretariat for Tourism as part of the “Smart Destinations: Innovation in destination management” measure.

This process produced the Marbella Diagnostic Report and Action Plan.

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism officially launched the DTI Network with around 70 members in October 2018, and in February 2019 the protocol ratifying the status of its members was signed and the first plenary commission meeting was held..

Marbella is once again among the organizations to have signed the "General Protocol of Action to Engage, Boost, Support, and Promote the Network of Smart Tourist Destinations (DTI Network)", which is coordinated by the State Secretariat for Tourism and Segittur and has the following objectives:

  • Promote the transformation of Spanish tourist destinations into smart destinations and their membership of the Network.
  • Foster public-public and public-private partnerships to develop products, services and actions for Smart Tourist Destinations.
  • Contribute to preserving Spain's leadership in tourism intelligence through the actions of the Network.
  • Ensure the quality and progress of the DTI project.

Marbella has kept its commitment to continue moving forward in its transformation into a smart destination. In 2021 it has drawn up the DTI Marbella Master Plan, which, in conjunction with the Marbella Strategic Tourism Plan, will be the reference documents for public and private actors in the municipality's new model of tourism management and will serve to identify and develop action plans, with the fundamental objective of:

"Maintaining Marbella's leadership as an international tourist destination that is a smart destination embracing innovation, technology, universal accessibility, sustainability and governance"

In addition, after the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact it has had on the tourism sector, Marbella has made an unprecedented commitment to public safety, for both visitors and residents, such that the destination has obtained the Safe Tourism Certified and Safe Travels stamps as a means of building confidence amongst all the stakeholders in the tourism system and promoting the economic recovery of Destination Marbella.