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Yacimiento Fenicio de Río Real

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Phoenician site of Río Real

7th century BC

Access: A-7 motorway exit Río Real, kilometre point 185, within the Río Real residential complex.

The construction of a residential development in 1998 led to the destruction of a large part of the site.

The remains that could be salvaged show a partial view of it. This settlement was located on a coastal promontory next to the Río Real. Built during the 7th-6th century BC, it formed part of the Phoenician coastal settlement on the coast of Malaga, made up of small settlements that were established in elevated areas, with good harbours and close to the natural routes that guaranteed communication with the inland areas.

The arrival of these populations from the eastern Mediterranean was due to their attraction to the riches that the indigenous communities were capable of producing. Navigational techniques prevented long voyages, so it was necessary to have stopover points that were gradually transformed into permanent establishments for storage and stable trade with the indigenous peoples.

The main activity of this settlement was trade, as evidenced by the presence of amphorae and some fragments of Greek pottery.

The most outstanding feature of the site are the remains of the dwellings, which are buildings with a rectangular floor plan that conserve the base of their stone walls and are internally compartmentalised.

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Additional Info

  • DIRECCIÓN A-7 salida Río Real, punto kilométrico 185 dentro del complejo residencial Río Real.