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Industrial Heritage

Historical heritage

In the Municipality of Marbella there are important vestiges of the industrial era with its mining, metal working, hydraulic and agricultural past, the most famous of which is the La Concepción forge, an ironworks that still today shows the remains of the first civil blast furnaces in Spain. 

It was a pioneering industry in the 19th century iron and steel industry, providing 72% of the iron used in Spain in 1844 at the La Concepción forge and the now defunct El Ángel forge.





  • Cortijo Miraflores

    Cortijo Miraflores

  • El Cable

    El Cable

  • Ferrería la Concepción

    Ferrería la Concepción

  • Trapiche de Guadaiza

    Trapiche de Guadaiza

  • Mina de Buenavista

    Mina de Buenavista

  • Trapiche del Prado

    Trapiche del Prado