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Beach restaurants


Thanks to its location, sophistication and ‘savoir faire’, Marbella has some of the most outstanding beach bars on the entire Costa del Sol. Beach restaurants combine the best of a restaurant and its location on the beach. We will be able to taste the best fish and seafood from all over the Mediterranean, a treat for the most exquisite palates.

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  • Miguel y Maria "Da Sergio"

    Miguel y Maria "Da Sergio"

  • Mistral Beach

    Mistral Beach

  • Nini Beach

    Nini Beach

  • Nosso Summer Club

    Nosso Summer Club

  • Nuevo Reino

    Nuevo Reino

  • Pedro´s Beach

    Pedro´s Beach

  • Perla Blanca

    Perla Blanca

  • Petit Playa Trocadero

    Petit Playa Trocadero

  • Playa Europa

    Playa Europa

  • Puerto Playa

    Puerto Playa

  • Ra-Ma


  • Ranchón Cubano

    Ranchón Cubano

  • Siroko Beach

    Siroko Beach

  • Soleo Marbella

    Soleo Marbella

  • Sugar Bay

    Sugar Bay

  • Sylt


  • Tamanaco


  • The Beach House

    The Beach House

  • Tiki Beach

    Tiki Beach

  • Tramps