Vereda del Faro (PR-A 429)

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This trail begins at the initial information board in the Carril de la Vía (55). Take the road that ascend to the area known as Puerto Rico Bajo (56).

The road becomes a lane with a chain that prevents access to  vehicles. Continue along this lane and about 300 metres in we find signpost (57) .Go onwards towards Puerto Rico Alto looking for the next post.

This section ends in the ruins of Casa de la Finca (59), which is next to an abandoned fruit-tree plantation. Here, you will find another signpost and the path coincides with the climb to Juanar until, a few metres later, you will reach the dry bed of the   source of Puerto Rico Alto (60). You will find a signpost that      indicates  that you should turn left towards las Pitas mountain pass. Continue until you cross the stream that goes down through the ravine and from there you will ascend up the slope of the Caseta hill, before reaching the Puerto del Pino mountain pass (37).

There are fantastic views from the Puerto del Pino mountain pass. You will then descend through the mountain pass and cross the Laja gorge, ascend again up the Loma del Lobo hill and arrive at the Puerto de las Pitas mountain pass. In the mountain pass, you will find signpost (38), that tells you that you should turn left. A few metres ahead, in the signpos (39) you must turn left, towards the Puerto de las Golondrinas mountain pass,   looking for the Mirador de los Gitanos viewpoint (40).

Return to the path and continue downhill steeply to the Hoya de las Golondrinas valley, where you will find another signpost (41) near the de Puerto de Santillana mountain pass (42).Here, you will follow the signs to Montúa 2.

Go down via the Santillana gorge until you reach the Montúa 2 crossroads (43), continue until you reach the Montúa signpost (44) a few meters after. There descend to Arroyo de la Laja-Represa stream, (45) follow direction to Puerto Rico Bajo (56) and, after going down the road, finish de path at the initial information board in the Carril de la Vía (55).

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Additional Info

  • Designation VEREDA DEL FARO
  • Difficulty Media
  • Distance 6,3 km
  • Type Circular
  • Time 3.20 h

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