Istán - Ojén (PR-A 167)

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The route begins at a water tank (54), just heads upwards Hotel Altos de Istán. There you turn left towards the stream you can see to the east. To get there, follow the lane and go through an old quarry, now a clay pigeon shooting range, then descend to meet the stream. This stream is called Juan Inglés (on the maps it appears as Molinos river), and you will meet it at the Nacimiento Del Rio Molinos. The first part of the route goes  upwards. Take care not mistakenly follow any of the creeks or gullies that branch off Juan Inglés. The first notable tributary appears around 1,000m into the walk, where you must first go right and then straight ahead. Common sense should be used here.

Around 3,800 metres into the walk, at an approximate altitude of 835 metres, there will be a dried up stream filled with stones that you should not take, opting instead for the path on the left, which shortly leads to another important crossroads. In this case, we will take the path on the right, to reach a more level area and, a little higher up, after one last and hard upwards incline, the Puerto de Verdegraja mountain pass (97). From this point, you can see the Juanar Plains and make out the end of the first   section you will reach after going down the path and entering a small pine grove. Then you will reach Circo de Juanar (68) where you have to go straight over the crossroads, following the lane. Not long down this lane, you will find a farmhouse that is currently a Centro Cinegético goat sanctuary (66).

From the Juanar farmhouse take the lane heading downwards towards the left along the lane, and, about 1,000m in, a path to the right indicates the beginning of the road (88). At this point the olive trees have given way to a patch of pine trees. The path that will take you to Ojén is known as the camino del cerezal (“the cherry tree path”). The cherry tree path winds as it descends through a valley covered with lush vegetation, in contrast to the path you have followed so far. As you descend, the path gets bigger and the unevenness starts to smooth out. Soon, you will reach a Puerto de los cinco dedos crossroads (99). Take the left-hand path and continue your descent towards the road, which will pass through a tunnel providing access to the Casa el Cerezal (82). After passing a wire fence, the path  becomes a lane. There is a fork in the road; you can take either, since both lead to Ojén (80).

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Additional Info

  • Designation Istán - Ojen (PRA 167)
  • Difficulty Alta
  • Distance 11 km (one way)
  • Type Lineal
  • Time 5 h (one way)

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