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Nautical activities


Enjoy the best and most varied water and leisure activities on our beaches, nothing better than a refreshing day in contact with the sea enjoying nautical practice with pedal boats, jet skis, parasailing, flyboarding, hoverboarding, jetpacks, kayaks, paddlesurfing , big sup ... and many more!

  •  Try Sail

    Try Sail

  • Aquatime,S.L.


  • Cableski Marbella & Wakeboard Center

    Cableski Marbella & Wakeboard Center

  • Costa Deluxe

    Costa Deluxe

  • Jetboat Marbella

    Jetboat Marbella

  • Jetdream Adventure Puerto Banus

    Jetdream Adventure Puerto Banus

  • Marbella Jet Ski Rentals

    Marbella Jet Ski Rentals

  • Marbella Sports Boat

    Marbella Sports Boat

  • Motonáutica Marbella

    Motonáutica Marbella

  • Nalusur Marbella

    Nalusur Marbella

  • Paddelsurf Marbella

    Paddelsurf Marbella

  • PaddleSurf Marbella

    PaddleSurf Marbella

  • Real Club Marítimo Marbella

    Real Club Marítimo Marbella

  • Redfly Marbella

    Redfly Marbella

  • Samoa Surf Shop

    Samoa Surf Shop

  • The Point

    The Point

  • Water Sports Banús

    Water Sports Banús

  • Windsurf Marbella Beach

    Windsurf Marbella Beach

    luxury, exclusive

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