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Beach services


The Delegation of Beaches informs that throughout the summer, they will be closed from 24:00 to 06:00 every day.

Assisted Bathing

Additional Info

  • DIRECCIÓN Puerto Deportivo de Marbella 29601 Marbella
  • TELÉFONO +34 952 768 761

    The ASSISTED BATHING service consists of assistance in the sea using amphibious chairs. This service is available on several beaches in the municipality but it is necessary to book it in advance and follow the instructions of the staff in charge.

    These are the beaches with this service in our municipality:

     Playa Bajadilla
     Playa el Faro.
     Playa de Nueva Andalucía,
     Playa El Rodeíto (junto a Puerto Banús)
     Playa Guadalmina
     Playa Puerto Banús
     Playa Rio Verde
     Playa Casablanca
     Playa Venus
     Playa El Cable
     Playa Adelfa
     Playa Real Zaragoza
     Playa Vivirá
     Playa de Cabopino


     De 11:30 a 19:30 horas JULY AND AUGUST
     De 11:30 a 18:30 horas SEPTEMBER

    PHONE FOR ASSISTANCE: (+34) 658 61 83 33

    Call one day before for bookings

    Apart from this service, some beaches have a specific shaded area on the sand, another shaded area in the water, and handrails that facilitate access to the water for those who need it without having to ask for assistance in the bathing area. These beaches are:

     Playa Bajadilla
     Playa el Faro.
     Playa de Nueva Andalucía,
     Playa de Cabopino


Additional Info

  • DIRECCIÓN Delegación de Medioambiente - Puerto Deportivo de Marbella
  • TELÉFONO +34 952 76 87 61

    Request for “moragas” on the beaches enabled for it in the municipality of Marbella:

    It can be requested by any person of legal age who is responsible for it.

    The request is made through an online form, available on the information websites of each of the areas, filling in all the information which is indicated.

    The applicant will be informed by email of each step of the reservation authorization process through the email address provided, so it is very important to make sure to specify a valid email address.

    The Environment and Beaches Delegation has 56 moragas stalls, 4 of them for people with reduced mobility distributed as follows:

    The celebration of “moragas” of more than 30 people is not allowed. In the case of associations, fraternities, sports clubs and other types of groups, they must make a general request through the electronic registry of the Marbella Town Hall.

    In order to use the tables of the area, authorization is not required and they will be occupied in order of arrival. It is only possible to occupy a single table for each moraga position. It is only posible to book moragas at least 3 days before it is celebrated.


    Once the online form has been completed, the Environment and Beaches Delegation will send you an automatic email confirming receipt of the application and later another email with the assigned position if there are vacancies in the area / date requested and the rules of use of Moragas area within a period not exceeding 72 hours on business days.

    If you do not receive any message within that period, you can send us an email to  

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