Camino Viejo Istán-Cantera/ Old Istán Track


To get to the start of this trail, you must take avenida Canovas del Castillo and when you come to Pinar de Vigil de Quiñones go up Del Pinar street. After going under the motorway, carry straight on until coming to a large roundabout.At this roundabout, take the second exit and continue straight on along Buchinger avenue until coming to another roundabout. There you must take the third exit and continue straight on until coming to Nagüeles Park on the left.At this point you must leave the road that surrounds the park and follow a smaller road which leaves the pine forest to the right. Just 100 metres away there is one the 4 panels indicating the start of a trail (37), which are located throughout the entire southern face of the Sierra Blanca. This panel indicates the trail to the right, heading towards Buenavista Mine (36).


From this starting panel we must continue along the road and after passing two large houses, take the first left turn at a signpost that indicates direction Istan.

Shortly after starting to ascend along the Camino Viejo de Istán (Old Istan Track), we leave the Manantial de Nagüeles to the left. This section of the track has been recently asphalted and the route is lined with manholes housing the electrics that connect the area of Nagüeles in Marbella with Cerros del Lago in Istán.

You must keep always to the right, following the border of the Monte Público Sierra Blanca until the tarmac ends and an earth track begins to the right. This is a good place to leave the car if you don’t want to walk the previous tarmac section.

As soon as you start on the track, continue straight up until you come to some pine trees on the right, survivors of the great fire that razed the south-western foothills of the mountain range in August of 1991. Continue along the track and some 400 metres further on it borders the mountain towards the right, and from here there are wonderful views of Cantera de la Legua.

Following the track, you will come to a short and sudden ascent. At the end of this, is an esplanade at which point the Municipality of Marbella ends and the Municipality of Istán begins.

You can make a stop on this esplanade to enjoy the wonderful views of Sierra Blanca and the top part of Cerro de la Concha and, if you walk a little to the west, you can also see a section of the Concepcion Reservoir. At the end of this esplanade there are also some cork oak trees that survived the fire. These trees have the peculiarity of being adult trees, although they have the appearance of young trees given that the stress caused by the fire meant that they stopped growing.

The path carries on to the right, climbing up a more pronounced incline until reaching the Cantera de la Legua viewing point (36). Before reaching the viewing point, you can see some towers in ruins that used to be the transportation system for the stones from the quarry used to build the Concepcion Reservoir. The quarry viewing point has benches and tables where you can rest.

From here you can continue on to Istán or return along the same path to Nagüeles.

Difficulty: Low
Type: Linear
Length: 2.5 Km (one way )
Time: 45 minutes (one way)

36.510071, -4.8824474

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