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Marbella Film Office


Information services, location search, intermediation, permit processing and advice to film and television producers.

Marbella a filming destination!


Marbella Film Office is a municipal organization that offers free information, advice and permit handling to all professionals from the audiovisual industry who wish to film in Marbella. We offer a wide variety of services designed to save producers time, money and effort.

Marbella Film Office is part of the Andalucia Film Commission network.

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Services offered free of charge:

  • Processing of all necessary film permits for public areas.
  • Processing of film permits for public buildings and city monuments of historical-cultural heritage.
  • Coordination of all municipal services such as parking for technical vehicles, traffic flow management, changes to street fixtures, lighting, etc.
  • Assistance in scouting film locations.
  • Assistance on production logistics.
  • Information on financial aids, notifications and grants.
  • Information on audiovisual legislation.


The Request must be made through the General Entry Register of the Town Hall, through a General Instance, at the following link: General Entry Register of the Town Hall
specifying the Delegation of Tourism and Foreigners as the Processing Unit. In this instance you can attach all the documents you consider necessary.

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Advantages of filming in Marbella

Marbella offers the best advantages for any type of filming and photography.

Located in the very heart of the Costa del Sol, Marbella offers an unbeatable climate that enables both visitors and residents alike to enjoy 320 days of sunshine a year, it is truly a town enveloped in light. Its scenic value is exceptional, with 27 kilometres of beaches and surrounded by mountains. Here you can find natural scenes of great beauty and at the same time the most luxurious, modern and vanguard setting, not forgetting those typical of a small Andalusian Village, as Marbella has not lost a jot of either its Mediterranean flavour or its historical essence.

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