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Marbella Film Office is a municipal organization that offers free information, advice and permit handling to all professionals from the audiovisual industry who wish to film in Marbella. We offer a wide variety of services designed to save producers time, money and effort.

Marbella Film Office is part of the Andalucia Film Commission network.

Contact us by mail turismofilm@marbella.es 

Services offered free of charge:

  • Processing of all necessary film permits for public areas.
  • Processing of film permits for public buildings and city monuments of historical-cultural heritage.
  • Coordination of all municipal services such as parking for technical vehicles, traffic flow management, changes to street fixtures, lighting, etc.
  • Assistance in scouting film locations.
  • Assistance on production logistics.
  • Information on financial aids, notifications and grants.
  • Information on audiovisual legislation.

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