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    This document aims to guide users of motorhomes and similar vehicles in finding places in our municipality where to camp and/or park.
    "A motorhome is parked when it is parked in a permitted place, without exceeding the road markings delimiting the parking area, or the time limit, if any. It is not relevant, in this case, the fact that the occupants are inside the vehicle, it being sufficient that the activity that may be carried out inside the vehicle does not extend to the outside through the deployment of elements that overflow the perimeter of the vehicle, such as tents, awnings, levelling devices, stabilising supports, etc.
    Camping is only permitted in areas designated for this purpose (campsites or car parks, according to the regulations of each autonomous community)."
    Source: DGT

    Useful Link:

    Zonas de aparcamiento de autocaravanas en Puertos de Andalucía

    Punto 2. Turismo de Acampada. Information and community regulations.
    Park4night    User community website where you can find these locations and opinions
    CLUB AIRE LIBRE provincial club of users.



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