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The Reconquest
of Marbella


It is June 1485 and, in Marbella, rumors are already heard that it is a matter of days before the Catholic Monarchs take the city.

Therefore, you are entrusted to infiltrate the city in order to disarm it and provoke the Muslim governor, Mohammad Abuneza, to sign the surrender.

As the right hand of King Ferdinand the Catholic, you must be his eyes and hands in the city. You do not want to let him down, for he has placed all his trust in you.

There are many lives at stake! Any revolt can cause great losses. If you want to emerge victorious, you will have to take all available armor, organize a squad and leave the city out of supplies. In other words, put the warden at a crossroads with no way out... To avoid the warden's suspicions, you will have to confront different riddles and solve them stealthily.

Sneak into the Victory Square, where you can protect yourself. Your adventure has just begun!

Are you ready?

Marbella launches a Digital Tourist Gymkana for families, travelers and groups of friends to enjoy a fun and different experience. It is a game of clues in which users must solve riddles walking through the streets and thus know its history while having fun learning.

The initiative is a project that has been developed by the company Gymkana Digital Tourist and the City Council of Marbella, and is now available completely free of charge on the website of the City Council, social networks or through QR code posted in the tourist office.

The result is a fascinating story in which the user embarks on an adventure set in 1485, and must infiltrate the city to help in the reconquest of Marbella by the Catholic Monarchs.

If you want to have a good time and test your intelligence and cunning to help in this arduous task in the history of Marbella, we recommend that you do not miss this free activity to have fun and learn more about the cultural heritage of this beautiful city.

  • 13 Riddles

  • 70 Minutes

  • 0,9 Km.

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