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The sugar
of San Pedro


After a tough journey through the Americas, you, the right-hand man of the Marquis of Duero, land on the coast loaded with ten sacks of sugar cane.

Amazed by the beauty and economic potential of the area thanks to its fertile lands, you consider that the sugar cane plantations could be the economic engine of the region.

It is 1850 and the Marquis of Duero entrusts you with a mission: you must get the sugar to a safe place at all costs. The economy of the area is in your hands!

The material is heavy and the road is tricky. You'll need help! You know what they say: "sugar has a sweet tooth" and even more so in this day and age... To transport the sugar cane, you'll need a work crew.

Afraid that the night will catch up with you, because the coast is unsafe, you go with the sacks to the church square.

Are you prepared to solve the riddles along the way?

San Pedro de Alcántara launches a Digital Tourist Gymkhana for families, travelers and groups of friends to enjoy a fun and different experience. It is a game of clues in which users will have to solve riddles while walking through the streets and thus get to know its history while they have fun learning. The initiative is a project that has been developed by the company Gymkana Digital Turística and the city of Marbella, and is now available completely free of charge on the website of the City Council, social networks or through QR code posted in the tourist office.

The result is a fascinating story set in 1850 in which the user will become the right hand of the Marquis of Duero, and must protect and bring to a safe place the sugar cane, to help the economy of the area.

If you want to have a good time and test your intelligence and cunning to help in this arduous task in the history of San Pedro de Alcántara, we recommend you not to miss this free activity to have fun and learn more about the cultural heritage of this beautiful city.

  • 12 Riddles

  • 85 Minutes

  • 1,6 Km.

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