Sendas urbanas de la biodiversidad

A Walk through Marbella’s Biodiversity

The walkways are an invitation to wander through this living universe that houses cities: the urban biodiversity. A route by the most emblematic public spaces and other charming locations, with posters that explains where citizens, visitors and schoolchildren can get acquainted with the most unique botanical species, urban birds and seabirds or even meander into the past, perusing fragments of history etched all around.

A network of green itineraries in the middle of the urban spaces in Marbella, San Pedro and las Chapas will lead you to surroundings that are not far-removed and the richness of the existing biodiversity in the city is tantalizing and many times we are not aware of this treasure. Therefore, we have a request to make to the citizens; please open your mind and realize what is around you, the urban environment.

A walk through these pathways will unravel amazing stores, more knowledge about urban diversity, our own public spaces and its history. We encourage the practice of healthy habits, since this area was converted into a didactic area for students.

It is part of Marbella Strategic Plan - San Pedro 2022, as a synergetic project fostered by the general public and the Sustainability Delegation of Marbella Town Hall to attain a sustainable city model, aware of the unique environment and the exceptional nature that surrounds us. A green city that focuses on the value of natural resources, the landscape and cultural heritage. These ambles through urban biodiversity are comprised in a global action to enhance the wonders of existing nature in urban areas and the opportunity that is presented to a wide variety of living beings that find their vital sustenance among us.

The Urban Pathway in the center of Marbella will provide to the citizen or the visitor a circular route right near to us, with approximately 5 kilometers in length. One can also find informative posters, in Spanish and English, in more than twenty areas in the city and they even include a situation maps and the possibility to listen to them by means of audio-guides in several languages. You can start at any point in the tour although we recommend Paseo de la Alameda as a starting point and the walk can continue in the direction of the sea front.


Paseo por la Biodiversidad de Marbella